The Changing Face of
Women’s Health

National Traveling Exhibition

Tour began Spring 1999


The Changing Face of Women’s Health, funded by the National Institutes of Health and the CDC, was developed at a time when the explosion of knowledge about women’s bodies and minds was changing the way health in general was defined—as a blending of biology, society and the choices each person makes. The exhibition presented a sampler of health issues across the lifespan, organized around four central themes—risk, detection, prevention and control. In each thematic area, compelling personal stories provided jumping off points for hands-on exploration, computer-based activities and interaction with art in a range of media.

Expedition Health
Expedition Health
Expedition Health
Expedition Health

This landmark exhibit made a dramatic statement about how the burgeoning field of women’s health had a profound impact on the lives of women and men, interweaving cutting edge science with the emotional appeal of real women’s stories.

“You are what you eat” translates into a photo-op art form and identifying icon of the Prevention area.

In the Calcium IQ Game, visitors create a day’s worth of menus to meet daily recommended calcium requirements for their own age and sex.

Authentic, first-person stories are presented through a combination of video, touchable breast models and life-sized mammograms, giving visitors new ways to share four women’s very different experiences with detection techniques.