Health World II Master Plan

Scottsdale, Arizona


Inspired by the success of JKA-designed Health World Children’s Museum in Barrington, Illinois, Health World asked us to create a master plan for a second hands-on health education center for children, families and visitors, to be located in the Scottsdale, Arizona region. The new museum would be significantly larger, with 10,000 square feet of exhibits, and designed to appeal to Health World II’s three primary audiences: tourists, school groups and local visitors—families, grandparents and grandchildren.

Health World II
Health World II
Health World II
Health World II
Health World II

As at Health World I, an iconic Big Kid immediately signals that this is a place for and about kids, and anchors a journey through multisensory galleries celebrating the amazing capabilities of human beings.

Desert Quest
An awesome obstacle course over a range of varied naturalistic environments provides an exciting context for a series of coordination challenges and full body play areas designed to underscore the importance of physical activity to health and well-being.

Dig & Dare
Kids unearth fossils from the region’s ancient past or scale a rocky crag in a gallery about the relationship between personal health and the environment.

Desert By Day, Desert By Night
A special ‘object theater’ multimedia show compares the way human and other species’ senses adapt to changes in the environment over the cycle of a single day.

Desert Alive
Animals and plants have evolved to exploit every drop of water and to withstand the scorching sun of the desert. This beautiful gallery focuses on adaptation and gives children a close-up look at some of the desert’s most fascinating creatures.