“Designing Museum Experiences for Children,” a chapter by

Jeff Kennedy and Marjorie Prager


Ergonomics for Children

Edited by Rani Lueder

and Valerie J. Berg Rice

Taylor & Francis, 2008


Drawing on our deep experience with planning and designing exhibitions and spaces for children, we contributed a chapter to this first-of-its-kind comprehensive user’s manual about child ergonomics. The book is written for people who design products and environments for toddlers to teenagers, offering practical guidance about ways to match their capabilities, stimulate their development, promote learning and keep them healthy and safe.


Ergonomics for Children chapters address the ways in which children develop physically, perceptually, cognitively and socially, providing practical guidelines for the design of places and products for children.

Our chapter is richly illustrated with photographs of JKA-designed exhibitions, such as the Maryland Science Center’s Kids Room. As with many of our projects, the gallery has been operating successfully—and contributing to the museum’s rise in family memberships—for more than a decade.